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Source: SHRM, HR Drive

3 / 5

job candidates say benefits are a
top priority when accepting a job offer


5 Reasons Employee Benefits are Underutilized

Depending on the benefit, utilization can be as low as 1%. Awareness and knowing how to use benefits are the first steps to increasing benefits utilization and retaining employees.

  • Didn’t know benefits existed
  • Don’t know how to use the benefits
  • Too many steps to use benefits
  • Forget benefits exist
  • Don’t know why and how benefits help them personally

Get More on a Tight Budget

Learn the benefits that matter to your employees for an effective total rewards strategy

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

We drive employee benefits utilization by making it easy to find and use ALL of your benefits throughout the entire employee journey.

Get Data on the Benefits that Matter to Your Teams

Don’t rely just on pulse surveys to see what matters to employees. Our tools get you hard data on what team members want.

Give Time Back to Yourself and Your Team

End the employee benefits search of death for your team members, while you get time back to focus on projects that move the needle. Our content will get your team members going in 5 minutes.

Why emvest

Take employee benefits out of static PDFs. Make ALL your benefits easy to find and use.

Get more money by using your employee benefits today

Sure, you may not use all of your benefits today. But most people, probably you, aren’t aware of all the other benefits your company has spent good money on and taken the time to evaluate and offer. This may include mental health, coaching, financial assistance, and legal services. Often, these services are through an EAP, an employee assistance program, which 90%+ of employees don’t know exist. Our survey told us so. Curious? Read our survey results and what it means for you.

Employers fund their employee benefits packages every month per person regardless whether the benefits are used or not. These benefits packages are part of every employee’s total compensation aka dollars that are paid on your behalf, such as healthcare. So when benefits aren’t used, employers and employees both lose. Why? Because this money could have been spent on things that matter to employees. Nobody likes to waste money. Period.

Based on our data, there are two main problems: 1) employees don’t know they can ask for a change in their benefits 2) employees have gotten used to not being heard from HR leaders that they don’t even bother to ask. If this wasn’t a worthy mission, we’d spend our time elsewhere.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Get your employees to use their benefits to get the most out of their total comp.